The young New Yorker musician Nicolas Jaar, aka Nico, was very influential for the electronic music scene, not only in New York but around the world because its Chilean roots. Jaar met at Brown University the multri-instrumentalist musician Dave Harrington, who initially worked with Jaar in live in 2011 on the recommendation of Will Epstein. In 2009 Jaar founded his own label Clown & Sunset, which disappeared to give rise to Other People in 2013. After a tour in Berlin when Nicolas promoted Space Is Only Noise, Jaar and Harrington joined forces to create a new project called Darkside. Their first official album Pyshic, was released October 4, 2013 . Although two years earlier and the duo released the eponymous EP. The album was released under the labels Other People and Matador. Darkside lives up to its name, for the sounds and the use of synthesizers and other instruments are dark, minimalist but very fine. “Golden Arrow” , the first track from the album, was made available for free download on August 23, 2013 through the website Darkside. This theme was named Best New Track by Pitchfork described as “11 minutes of instrumental excellence.” Listen to it here.

Source, images and audio: ©Other People, ©Darkside, ©Nicolas Jarr, ©Dave Harrington

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