FAHRENHEITº recommends Congress  Arquine No. 14 Space at Teatro Metropolitan


”The architects explain the space we never knew. When we think of space only look their containers, as if space itself was invisible”. Rem Koolhas

What do we talk when we talk about space? Through a series of conferences and tours for architectural places in Mexico City, Congress Arquine No. 14 Space, tries to catalyze ideas and to explore different species and meanings of this concept which has been related historically to architecture. From different disciplines perspective, such as art, sociology, architecture itself, urbanism, and even film, the audience is invited to think about what the space is, how do we perceive it, and experiment, what paper plays in our everyday life, and how is built, both in physical, as in conceptual. The congress will be held from March 11 to 12, at Teatro Metropolitan. It’s parallel activities will start from Sunday 10, and will end on Thursday 14; among the lecturers that will come are: David Chipperfield, Atelier Bow Wow firm, critic and curator Hans Ulrich Obrist, Denise Scott Brown, Saskia Sassen, Roman Delugan, Michel Rojkind, Kersten Geers, Alfredo Brillembourg, Peter Greenaway, Marcelo Ebrard, Ronan Bouroulec, Manuel Delgado and Paolo Portoghesi.

In interview, Miquel Adria, director of the congress and “Arquine” magazine, talk to us about the details of the meeting and the central axis that will guide the conferences and will act as detonators of the dialogue:

Entrevista con Miquel Adrià – Congreso Arquine No. 14 Espacio from FAHRENHEIT°magazine on Vimeo.


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Congress Arquine No. 14 Space

Teatro Metropolitan

Av. Independencia 90, Mexico City Center




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