Digital Experiences in Real Environments

In an era where mobile devices and social networks bring human relations to a digital plane, is born Multitouch Barcelona, a specialized interaction design studio.



© Multitouch Barcelona

Broadly, Multitouch Barcelona is dedicated to interaction design that encourages people to relate to each other organically and in the real world. After having the general idea, they seek to integrate technological elements to create fun installations. The project began as a final thesis, in which Roger Pujol and Xavier Vilar made a prototype of a multi-touch table. Later, Dani Armengol and Pol Pla joined the team to complement it. Since then, they have not stopped experimenting.

© Multitouch Barcelona

While it is a fundamental part of their work, the technology does not govern the project that the studio will developed. This is an excuse for people to meet, play and interact with each other with digital elements in innovative ways.


© Multitouch Barcelona

In recent years, Multitouch Barcelona projects, have functioned as activations for brands like Red Bull, Behance, Heineken, Pull & Bear, among others. The most famous of these is Play with me, an experience in which participants are the protagonists of gifs in real time.


Source and images: Multitouch Barcelona

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