The architectural firm Studio PAD, SPUD group and artist Stephen Turner teamed up to create Exbury Egg: a house and sustainable workspace to be located on the Beaulieu River in Britain. The egg-shaped building will also be a laboratory for studying biologists and aquatic life in the area. The egg will be built using the same technique used to make a boat and will have a bed, a desk, a small stove and a bathroom. The project arises from the idea of ​​using other natural areas (rivers and lakes) as places to live. The first house is occupied by designer Stephen Turner for through his own experience to improve the design and study the relationship between man and nature and environmental processes. This project will have the theme “Reduce, reuse and recycle”, since the energy of  Exbury Egg will be solar.

puesto que la energía de Exbury Egg será energía solar.

Source and images Stephen Turner The Exbury Egg.

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