eVolo Magazine, the magazine of architecture and design, announced the names of the winners of eVolo Skyscraper Competition 2013. This year, the magazine received 625 projects from 83 countries. The jury, composed of internationally renowned architects and designers, selected the three winners and honorable mentions different for their creativity, ingenuity and dynamism.

The first place was delivered to the American Derek Pirozzi for his project Polar Umbrella, a floating skyscraper which reconstructs ice sheets of the Arctic by reducing heat at the surface and ocean water freezes. This structure is equipped with facilities for solar energy research. In second place were Darius Maïkoff and Elodie Godo from France, for their project Phobia Skyscraper. This skyscraper looks to revitalize an abandoned industrial area of the City of Paris through a system of prefabricated housing units. Third place was awarded to Ting Xu and Yiming Chen of China, for their project Light Park. This floating skyscraper floag allows continued growth of megacities in the world by providing adequate infrastructure, housing, commercial and recreational areas. The award honors were for original and sustainable designs as a pH conditioner skyscraper resembling a jellyfish and purifies the air or a skyscraper volcano which produces geothermal energy.

Source and images: ©eVolo Magazine

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