A building full of color rises in Shimura. It hosts the new offices Shugamo Shinkin Bank designed by Emmanuelle Moureaux. The concept searches to create a place where people feel comfortable to come and have a sense of happiness. The building welcomes visitors with a rainbow facade, 12 layers with different colors hovering irregularly contrasting with the white façade. At night, these cliffs are lit in a dim way, which varies depending on time of year and time of day. Upon entering the building three, “sunbeams” welcome visitors through three elliptical tubes giving a feeling of being outdoors, with sunlight inside the building. When looking at the ceiling irregular figures seem to dance different coloring the interior of the place, along with ATMs, chairs and desks query presented in 14 different bright colors. Emmanuelle Moureaux manages to create a space that invites to stay a while longer to feel the calm and happiness projected by this building.

Source and images: ©Emmanuelle Moureax

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