Emmanuelle Moreaux is a French architect and designer, who lives and works in Tokyo, Japan. Under te concept of Shikiri, which means dividing colors, Emmanuelle increases their dimension transforming them into shapes. So, the idea of division is also union: the space and its environment have an equilibrium. Each shape stands by itself with the architecture of its own tone. Her way of using the color does not depends on the venturesome Japanese aesthetic, formed by promos and drawings which contrast with the losing of tonal palette, of its prefabricated constructions. Emmanuelle employs an irregularity of colors and sizes which harmonize with the visual simplicity of diverse architectonic typologies.

Moreauz’s production is not limited to the interiorism and architecture. Large part of her work as a designer consists in furniture and accessories with acrylic and using the same organization principles, through Shikiri color.

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