Esta pieza de 52 metros de altura y 16 metros de ancho ubicada en un edificio de la Avenida Paulista, en Sao Paulo, Brasil, la diseñó como parte del aniversario luctuoso del arquitecto brasileño quien falleciera el diciembre pasado.

Eduardo Kobra, considered the finest example of Brazilian Street Art, created a mural dedicated to the architect Oscar Niemeyer. This piece of 52 meters high and 16 meters wide located in a building on Avenida Paulista in Sao Paulo, Brazil, designed as part of the anniversary of the death of the Brazilian architect who died last December. The mural he began designing, along with four other colleagues, on January 14 2013 and was inaugurated on February 5. This mural full of great lines, lights, bright colors and excellent handling of shadows, in a hyper-realistic displays the face of Oscar Niemeyer. This monumental work has become a reference point for all visitors to the city. The style of the work of Eduardo Kobra is very representative and personal as he leverages his characteristics as an experimental artist, good designer and specialized realistic painter.

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