We’ve already talked before about the Rain Room located at the Barbican Gallery in London, a room with indoor rain where visitors have control over the falling drops according to their movements. As people walk in this room, the roof with its sensors detect movements causing the water is directed away from people, preventing them from getting wet. The water does not accumulate inside the room, then the soil is grating. Now, we share the last job held within it and we have to confess, a piece reminiscent of “Pina”, the great great documentary by contemporary dance company of Pina Bausch. A great performance, a series of dramatic events dance by professional dancers choreographed by Wayne McGregor and music composed by Max Richter. There can be only five visitors at the same time, because the choreography must live very closely and of course, the dancers must have space and freedom to make their moves. Entry is free and visitors to experience live is quiet and meditative.

Source and images: © Barbican

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