Since the publication of Vladimir Nabokov’s novel Lolita in 1954, this controversial story has inspired many artists of all disciplines through the years. The magnetism of Lolita has seeped into the music, film, and has inspired other literary characters of “Nymphs” (as Nabokov called), and finally in fashion. It is clear that the theme of this novel is controversial and strong, however, it is undeniable that the aesthetics of this character has become an icon of pop culture, which is precisely the case in this fashion collection.

Dolores Haze is a brand of clothing by designer Samantha Giordano. The style of this line combines elements inspired by the 70’s with a touch of grunge, details and recurrent schoolgirl baby doll silhouettes and pleated elements. Before of graduating from Parsons School of Design in New York, Samantha studied Sociology focusing on theories of post-structuralism. These philosophies works as creative guide and inspiration for exploring the subversive meaning of Lolita and understanding of today’s feminism. For this reason, although the aesthetics of this collection if inspired by this literary character, it focuses on the childish elements and it also works for the wardrobe of the adult women, without focusing on the issue of sexuality (this is why the brand is called Dolores Haze and not Lolita). Rather than play with items it can be provocative, but without being provocative. The spring-summer collection was debuted at Fashion Week New York 2014.

Source and images: ©Dolores Haze and Dolores Haze Facebook.

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