Christmas has traditionally been the most anticipated time for most people time. The holiday season has been identified in the minds of everyone as the opportunity to have a great time of joy and conviviality. There are very varied conditions for year-end holidays which can be related to pleasant or unpleasant events to the individual perception of people.

Unfortunately for many, Christmas can be an occasion where the repressed conflict, such as remembering and longing to shoot who is gone, who is out for various situations, having a strong fear of being unable to contain the intense feelings of nostalgia and even impotence unable to feel the joy and rejoicing that the media say that must feel. Christmas has been idealized by most as an almost magical event where the solemn feelings and spiritual attitude in which acts of generosity and reconciliation prevail are transformed in many ways.

However, it is also a time of frustration especially for those who expect too much from those around them and in most cases have not been interpreted specifically what is expected of them at the time. The opportunity of giving a Christmas present has been quantified in many nuclei, mainly work ones, where a flat fee is set to give and receive a gift, besides establishing a list what you would like to give precision to the “gift” and that’s where you missed the illusion of a surprise gift thought of several personal and emotional characteristics that can inspire someone to buy or make a significant object. From here, raises the idea that Christmas has been heralded with purely material situation where the economy is focused on meeting a competitive activity.

It is important to try to give a very personal intimate sense of what is meant by the year-end festivities for everyone, it would not feel too much pressure to disappointment and failure to meet the social expectations of what “should” feel when viewing advertising proposals in many cases do not correspond to what we are feeling. We must realize that we are surrounded by people who are probably going through tough times and are hesitant to externalize many possible reasons for and take into account that it is a time where increased rates of depression are very high. Let’s try to be respectful and subtle to the most sensitive time of year where it is time to make a real balance of elements that have to deal with the important people around us and so ensure that Christmas is really a happy event.

By Georgina Reyes Romero:,

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