In June, Mexico City is flooded with film with Distrital. Film and Other Worlds, in its 5th edition has become the place to meet with highlights of contemporary independent cinema from all latitudes.

With over 20 national and international premieres, special presentations, forums, guest and conferences this year the selection, meets 40 films grouped into 7 categories: Mexican Releases: space dedicated to national film of emerging filmmakers; Meridians: new voices of Latin American cinema; Topographies: selection of the best of contemporary world cinema; Archipelagos: dedicated to reviewing the work of a filmmaker, this time the guest is Matías Piñeiro with the projection of his work; Quadrant: A Look at the diversity of musical culture, multifaceted and transversal; Other worlds: multidisciplinary forum where converge concerts, exhibitions, workshops and book launches; and District X: show of experimental and risky filmmaking away from convention.

Distrital 2014 is presented from June 3 to 8 with screenings at the Cineteca Nacional, Cinepolis Diana, Tonala Cinema, Centro de Cultura Digital, IFAL, Hotel Condesa DF, and FAROs of the Ministry of Culture of Mexico City.

Source and images: Distrital

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