Good beer, Asian cuisine and a contemporary and warm design are the three guidelines of the Restaurant Distict 6: Pub, Brewery and Kitchen, located in the Sheraton Bangalore Hotel, India, the place is not just a restaurant, it is also a brewery that offers customers drinks made at the time being precisely this the inspiration of the design. Created by Japanese designer Masafumi Sanada, by M-style Inc., the centerpiece of the restaurant is made up of a series of barrels around the bar area. As its name suggests, the restaurant is divided into six parts: the area of tanks in ​​production, the area of ​​barrels of beer, the food court, the outdoor area, the main kitchen and the private area.

The decor has a surround effect, thanks to the warm light, wood and bricks. Some touches of metal break this scheme, but give the place some old air. Time passes slowly, while a good beer and a talk flow freely in this cozy space.

Source and images: ©District 6 and ©NEOPLUS SIXTEN INC.

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