The reign of John Galliano in Dior is behind, even when his name be always associated to the brand, and his work be reminded wa part of a great splendor time. A new era is starting, and is being consolidated with a renewed energy and a promising future. After two turbulent years, due the anti-Semitic comments of its elder creative director, and despite the constant demands interposed by him, it seems that the fashion house has finally found its harmony with Raf Simons, the current star who has not stopped to surprise tracing a new story. Simons has injected vitality to the brand and has resignified its creative values based in the elegance and feminine beauty with a style that can be described as contemporary classic. The designer recently presented the haute couture collection spring/summer 2013, with which he demonstrated why he was selected as a creative director. It was, as incredible it sounds, the second in this category that he has done all his life, we can remember the first that marked his debut with Dior in 2012. The catwalk was held during Paris Fashion Week in Tulleries Garden, as stage and inside of a landscape created by scenographer Martin Wirtz. The collection is inspired by the same idea of Spring, according to Simons, and in its transformation through the time. The starting was marked by models who wore almost monochromatic clothes, there were also designs, full of color representing the splendor of Spring, and a series of dresses which showed from the first summer cocoons to floral explosion. The spectacle ended with five gowns in rosewood, off-white and white tunes, which seemed wedding dresses and which gave the final touch of extreme elegance. With this collection, Simons bet for the combination of asymetric pieces, textures and a variated palette of color, which brings the spring and summer to other level. He also presented two version of smokin which has converted in the brand of his style in Dior. Finally the shoes, the net in the face, totally in tendency, and the make-up were the main props. This last highlighted by the shining effect in the eyes and the strong tones with shine in lips.

Source and images: ©Dior


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