The artist Adam Martinakis born in Poland in 1972 who currently lives and works in Cannock, UK. His mother is Polish and his father Greek. His works of art are digitally generated. Since 2000 works and experiments with computer generated visual media including 3D digital images, animation, digital video, new media. Martinakis has taught digital art and design, graphic design, interior design, ceramic design and art schools. He is a member of Artia Gallery of Fine Arts Cámaragriega, CultureInside, slashTHREE and Art.lica International Art Collectives. Martinakis employs aspects of realism and surrealist photograph when explores the human condition as Martinakis himself is a blend of futurism and post-fantasy abstract symbolism. His works have been exhibited in many galleries recognized, as in the Lloyd Gill Gallery, participating in the exhibition Metaphysical Objectivity in Comparison to Realism.

Source and images: ©Adam Martinakis

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