What better than a good soundtrack to accompany a good story! In this case, our music recommendation is not in a band, but the soundtrack to a great film directed by Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris, Little Miss Sunshine, an excellent road movie. Every scene of this film is accompanied by songs of indie rock and folk. Mychael Dana was commissioned to compose the soundtrack based on some existing songs from  DeVotchka band. An example is “How it ends”, which adapted to “The winner is”, “You love me” and “The enemy guns”. Hearing on the radio the song “You love me”, Faris and Dayton fell in love and decided that would be the main theme song of Little Miss Sunshine.

The soundtrack features songs by Sufjan Stevens (Chicago and No Man’s Land), the famous song of Olive dancing “Super Freak”, or “Catwalkin” by Tony Tisdale. In 2006, the soundtrack peaked at number 42 on the list of Top Independent Albums and 24 in the Best Soundtracks. Both DeVotchKa and Danna received Grammy nominations for tehir work on the soundtrack and how not with so good compositions.

Hear the entire soundtrack here:

Source and images: ©Fox Searchlight, ©Dayton

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