In the world there are music instruments we had never imagined, rhythms we never conceive, and stories we will never listen. There are proposals out there looking for an opportunity and, for whatever reason, have not had enough luck. Think it twice when you say your musical heritage is gigantic. Therefore FAHRENHEITº recommendation of the week is the  Swedish trio Detektivbyran, composed of brothers Anders and Martin Molin, and by Emmanuel Ekström, who was replaced by Marcus Sjöberg. Although the project was ephemeral (started in 2005 and ended in 2010), the materials produced were enough to fascinate us: E18 and Wermland.  Their sound is a mix of folk and electronic, and will remind the French composer Yann Tiersen at times. The instruments used range from accordions and xylophones to synthesizers and theremins.

We leave you with two of our favorite videos, enjoy them!

Here is their Website: © Detektivbiran

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