Salvador Dalí is one of the most famous painters of our days. Almost all remember him for his strange and dreamlike works of art. On the other hand, Walter Elias Disney is one of the most worldwide recognized filmmakers. All remember him for characters as Donald Duck or Mickey Mouse. While one of them is the máximum exponent of Surrealism, the other is for the animated film. Although they are not contradictory images, they are quite apart from each other. So, it is strange to think in a collaboration, however, this exist and its name is Destino.

The production of the short started in 1946, and was written by Salvador Dalí and John Hench, but because of financial problems Walt Disney abandoned the Project. It was in 1999 when the nephew of the American filmmaker retook and completed it. So, Destino was produced by Baker Bloodworth and directed by the French animator Monfréy Dominique. The team was formed by other 25 animators, the wife of the Spanis painter Gala Dalí, and the same John Hench. The music was composed by the Mexican Armando Domínguez, and interpreted by Dora Luz.

The result is a 6 minutes short released in 2006, that tells the unfortunate love that the ancient Greek god Kronos feels for a mortal. This is a unique Project because joins two minds, which defined the 20th-Century in their own fields.

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