French designer Ora Ïto has completed the design of one of the cinemas of “Gaumont-pathé” chain, as part of the renovation project “Center Beaugrenelle”. The design is inspired by a lounge-room of an airport, a comfortable space with a relaxed atmosphere, which prepares visitors for a great trip. A wide entrance with a cafe, welcomes moviegoers, while the lobby is created to provide relax to the visitors. In the box office, everything is planned to avoid long lines when purchasing tickets. The interior design is warm, despite its black color, because the complementary colors (yellow and white), make of this a quiet place, unlike the colors that are typically placed in these places, as red, white or blue. Ora Ïto’s idea was to develop a welcoming space, like a small home theater.

Source and images Ora Ïto via designboom

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