Situated between the Tiergarten park and the zoo in Berlin, the hotel Das Stue is one of the few boutique hotels in the world known for offering guests a totally multisensory experience: from visual and tactile impressions of the interiors, to surprising smells and tastes of the dishes from its famous restaurant. One of its main attractions is the historic building in which it is located, which was built in the 1930s for the former Danish Embassy, the original structure was recently intervened with a contemporary annex creating a dialogue between two different architectural styles, and natural and urban context. The surrounding of Stue is one of the most beautiful and quiet in Berlin, around it there are some of the most important cultural attractions of the city, as the German Parliament (Reichstag), the Foreign Ministry (Kanzleramt), the New National Gallery Mies van der Rohe, the National Philharmonic Kulturforum and Potsdamer Platz. Also, the area is recognized as one of the best for shopping in the country.

The design inside the hotel’s main objective was to create spaces that coexist historical legacy and contemporary style. The art director and designer, Patricia Urquiola, managed to provide common areas like the bar and an intimate restaurant. Guests should feel at Das Stue-Danish word designating the living room-so comfortable and at home cozy and elegant good friends.

A historic building in 1939 and a contemporary annex of the 21st-Century: the fascinating architectural symbiosis of Stue

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