Daspark Hotel is a curious place in which to stay located in Ottensheim, Austria, near Linz, an idea a little bizarre, but very original. Holidays by a tube, is what this hotel offers. The Austrian artist Andreas Strauss has developed this project hotel with separate rooms for low budget travelers. The Daspark Hotel consists of three tubes placed in the middle of a park overlooking the Danube Austrian, each tube is a room. The rooms have space for two and a current 220v to plug electronic devices and even Internet. Instead of windows, each having a vent pipe. The bathrooms guests are using the park’s own and eat it has several options in the area. Guests choose to pay the appropriate wishing for there is no fixed price payable, however it is estimated that guests who have visited the hotel, have paid between 7 and 20 euros per night. You need to make a reservation before you arrive through your website and taking back a reservation code, hotel door to open automatically activates the chosen day at 15 am and will close at 11:59 that night.

Source and images: ©Daspark Hotel

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