The tallest building in the world is located in the city of Dubai, and it is surrounded by various skyscrapers which together form the amazing urban landscape of the United Arab Emirates. During the seasons of the year, there are hot and cold climates that convert transient aerial view in scenarios full of textures, where the buildings cross the clouds.


© Daniel Cheong

© Daniel Cheong

Daniel Cheong is a photographer born in Mauritius is now a resident of Dubai, taking advantage of these climatic situations to capture diverse landscapes up to these skyscrapers


© "Dawn on Cloud City" - Daniel Cheong

© “Dawn on Cloud City” – Daniel Cheong

His series of photographic production have a multidimensional character, since Cheong employs various techniques in the digital picture postproduction, which consist of manually merge multiple exposures to maximize dynamic range, and in turn, aims to keep HDR coming out with excessive detail and a more natural look.

This slight element of the surreal, or hyper reality often found in painting is what I am trying to achieve.

Source and images: Daniel Cheong

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