“Despite our overwhelming amount of work at the Columbus College of Art & Design, we bring it upon ourselves to create a chalkboard every week. We have taken over the chalkboard on the third floor of Crane, and every Monday a new board appears”.

Dangerdust, an anonymous student duo, each week illustrates, the blackboards at the Columbus College of Art & Design with colored chalk quotes. It’s unclear who are the two artists behind these works with chalk, but their art definitely speaks a lot about them. Each piece takes them about 11 hours to perform. In them, we see inspiring quotes from figures such as Maya Angelou, Steve Jobs and even Dr. Seuss. The realism and detail achieved with only highlight the use of chalk is awesome. Their works wrapped in mystery have captured international attention and they are an icon of the school. You can you keep up with all the status updates of this duo in their Instagram, Behance and Twitter.

Source and images: ©Dangerdust

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