Dandy is one who makes its own shape, its own identity, the largest work of art. Nicholas Casullo

At mid-19th-Century, emerged a kind of man who knew well the fashion rules and broke them knowing how to. He needed of the city as a gateway to exist and to show to the world. For this kind of men, dandyism was not just an accessory or a piece of cloth, it was a whole lifestyle that included the way they dressed, acted, decorated their homes and even of thinking. Thanks to this haven for eccentricity and the constant challenge to social conventions and fashion, dandyism has emerged more strongly in recent years. To explore the fascinating phenomenon of man called dandy  and to celebrate the return of the man who takes fashion beyond the clothes, the photographer Rose Callahan took 57 portraits of contemporary dandies for the book I am Dandy – The Return of the Elegant Gentleman.

Source and images ©I am dandy – the return of the elegant gentleman and ©Rose Callahan, via: Designboom

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