The relationship between love and death always attracts our attention and when mixed, form an atmosphere of tension and appeal. In the act of love is death, and as a mediator between life and death, we find the pain, which is why we have to make of it a sublime moment. In art, the only thing we can do as viewers, is feeling the vertigo of the abyss. That abyss is death that becomes dizzying and fascinating.

Considered one of the most controversial artists of our time, Damien Hirst (who is part of Hilario Galguera Gallery), has managed to create a hallmark in his works, among which are the paintings of dots of random colors, stuffed animals, works that uses centrifugal force and canvases with butterflies. All of them bring to our minds two opposing images: on one hand the joy and the game of life and on the other, the vertigo of death inhabiting them.

Market Data: Damien Hirst has overcome each of his sales, the highest being For the Love of God, a human skull with teeth platinum with 8,601 encrusted diamonds, which amounted to 74 million euros.

Source and images: ©Damien Hirst y ©Galería Hilario Galguera

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