This shell-shaped building is designed for different cultures. The facade has a wavy structure with twisted steel and recycled concrete, which are combined with a metal frame and glass windows. The roof is covered with photovoltaic panels that allow electricity saving. It also has an angled louver system that receive and channel the flow of air and keep the building cool. The Dalian International Conference Center designed by Austrian architects firm Coop Himmelb (L) Au and directed by Wolf D. Prix​​, is located in one of the most important avenues of the city of Dalian in China. It has a capacity for 6,000 people, which can enjoy concerts, lectures, art exhibitions, among others. Coop Himmelb (L) Au won in 2008 the competition to design the conference center. Its construction began that same year and was aided by shipbuilders, who were those bent steel plates of the outer cover. The Dalian International Conference Center is one of the most modern and innovative cultural centers in China.

Source: © Architecture Lover Magazine, © Coop Himmelb (L) Au

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