When I was younger, Cy Twombly and me maintained a relation ranging between love and hate. First, in my head there was no room to understand an art like this, but I could see his work for hours, trying to figure out this “writing”, observing the strokes in these paintings that were, in my opinion, a game between art and childhood. With this double left an empty feeling in my stomach, clearing the view of the play and tried to turn my mind to other places. Gradually, and with the text of Roland Barthes Cy Twombly: Works on Paper, I understood this dual role in his work, in the words of Barthes: “His work asks us to contradict the words of culture (which is spontaneous in a man is his culture) simply asks us to move it, separate it, give the man another light. Twombly requires us to reject – what is far more subversive – but to cross the aesthetic stereotype, ie, what he calls a work of language.”

Source and images ©Cy Twombly

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