The Mount Parnassus, home of Apollo and the Muses, is the place where every artist would like to be, with springs and fountains, nymphs and muses gather to dance and sing accompanied by Apollo and his lyre. A place where only a few artists have managed to get through their work as Raphael and Mantegna in painting or Miguel de Cervantes in the literature. In his work, Cy Twombly not only goes to Parnassus, but returns to tell the experience in a mixture of painting and calligraphy. Cy Twombly: Paradise is the first exhibition in Latin America organized by Fundación Jumex Arte Contemporaneo, and curated by Julie Sylvester and Philip Larratt-Smith, which includes over sixty paintings, works on paper and sculptures ranging from 1951 to 2011. If you want to know more about this exhibition wait for the interview we did with Philip Larratt-Smith in our next issue of FAHRENHEITº magazine.

Source and images: ©Museo Jumex

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