The Golden Egg Bar is considered one of the restaurant-bar with best design of Beijing. After opening its doors in 2013 , the media called this place “the golden egg” that from the beginning it was very popular and made large profits to its owners. The place also has a great golden egg and colored walls as part of its design, created by the renowned firm Ballsitic Architecture Machine (awarded and outstanding for its colorful graphic shapes). In Beijing it is considered unlucky to have corners in the architecture of a site, so the design is circular, and in the middle of the room stands a bar shaped golden egg. In this area people can enjoy a drink while waiting for a table. The concept is a fusion of Chinese design from the 50s and the typical “fast food” of the U.S. To achieve this idea, were used vibrant colors, sliding doors and strange and striking lamps. The result is an attractive space where is served the most typical food in town.

Source and images: Ballsitic Architecture Machine

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