Cosimo Buccolieri is an Italian photographer who began his career in the hands of Balletti Mauro, one of the most important photographers of Italy too. He defines his work as dreamlike, surreal, mysterious and metaphysical, and refers to himself as an artist with bases of the old school, with fewer artifacts and art, and more focus on the value of soul and feeling of the artist in close relationship with his camera. Buccolieri always tries to capture reality from different points of view and leads his creation to the conception of an imaginary world. In the series Inside colors, a shooting created by Buccolieri for magazine “Harayer“, the Italian photographer did a collaboration with makeup artista Mimmo di Maggio and stylist Alessandra Macri, and used bright colors with particular attention to handling lights and the model’s hairdress. The use of smooth colors create the illusion of a two-dimensional plane, where the model is interrupted by lines and color voids.

Source and images: ©Cosimo Buccolieri

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