“…Continued under other forms, chaining link by link, not forgiving any vacuum, turning every possible vacuum in the nodal point of all opposing forces in tension.” Osvaldo Lamborghini

Resortes (Springs-English) an installation that seeks to recreate the motion of elastic strings through a system of nodes, was presented at the festival Mutek Mexico in 2013 with a set of visual and interactive elements accompanied by a particular sound design, this piece is a product of the collaboration of Thomas Sanchez Lengeling and Alejandro Franco Briones, and was awarded the first place in the first contest of digital creativity FORWARD. Visual strokes were created in Processing and OpengGL and the sound in SuperCollider, creating an installation manipulates in real-time, with different areas of interaction, and caused by audio, visual and gestural elements of the participants.

Resortes – Instalación Interactiva CCD from thomas sanchez lengeling on Vimeo.

Source and images: © Código Generativo y © Mutek

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