Vampires, zombies and supernatural creatures are back in fashion. Reinterpretations and rewritings of the myth of the undead reach all audiences and this time, filmmaker Jim Jarmusch takes to the big screen the seductive gothic story of two lovers out of the ordinary. Adam is a vampire musician  disillusioned with humanity, who has decided to withdraw from the world and spend his days locked making records. The only people who he visits are Dr. Watson, which provides blood supply for a small fee, and Ian, who gets musical instruments and hardware for his recording career. Adam is so depressed about the state of the world that has considered the suicide, but then appears on the scene his wife Eve, who has spent recent years in Tangier. With the return of Eve, they resume their life together and are happy. Until comes in Eve’s sister called Ava and disrupts the life of isolation and decay that had the two immortal lovers. With spectacular performance of Tilda Swinton and talented Tom Hiddlestone, this film tells in a extraordinarily intimate way, the lives of two vampires lovable and full of humanity.

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