Meteora is a Greek film directed by Spiros Stathulopulos which was presented at the International Berlin Film Festival in 2012. The drama takes place in the Orthodox monasteries of Meteora, in the plain of Thessaly, in northern Greece, a place currently regarded as a world heritage site by UNESCO. The film tells the story of impossible love between two monks separated by an empty extending through their respective monasteries, of which only go down when they go to find food for their communities. Theodoros and Urania have fallen in love at a distance and over time, as the tension grows between them, they will have to test the strength of their convictions or succumb to the overwhelming strength of love. Narrated through open flat with boxes interspersed animation, and an aesthetic that recalls the Greek Orthodox icons, Meteora is the story of a struggle between moral duty and desire, an emotional battle and psychic referring to the major problems of the human condition addressed by novelists like the Greek Kazantzakis.

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