Producer house Canana and Chivas Regal have had the fantastic idea of carrying their friendship and business success, beyond their respective niches. This time, they join to produce two shorts inspired and created by friends, to celebrate the union between Chivas, the luxurious whisky in the world, and Canana. The Mexican producer house founded by best friends Gael Garcia Bernal, Diego Luna and Pablo Cruz.

Diego Luna and Gael Garcia, being cofounders of Canana, are directors of these two shorts in which Julian Levin was the producer.

“Drifting” is the first step of the story, filmed in the beautiful Tulum, Mexico; the second stage that will be the second short directed by Gael Garcia will be released on late February.

Both shorts will be produced by lifelong friends Julian Levin and Arturo Sampson, and written by their childhood friend, Alonso Ruizpalacios, keeping close to the theme of real friendship.

In “Drifting” we see Nicho (Pablo Cruz Guerrero) and Andres (Ari Brickman), who ship in an adventure to achieve that their friend (Alexander DjPersia) stay away of his relaxed lifestyle in the beach, because he had lost contact with his lifelong friends.

The audience will have to way for the launching of the shorts of Canana and Chivas Regal to know what happen with this great project.

Talking about the project, Diego Luna said: “This project really interested me because the story talks about an intervention, a moment in which you cross the line to help your friend. I think that friends are the only who constantly cross that line, and for this we allow them, this is friendship beauty, because they know what is better for you.

What I also like about the nature of the project, is that it talks about an interesting collaboration. I took the story and directed this short to then pass it to Gael, he will do something, so at the end we will show it to the audience, who will take the final decision to see it.”

Created by brothers James and John Chivas, and shared around the world by friends, Chivas understand that friendship is a vita source of inspiration and support to the world. The history of friendship between Canana inspired a unique collaboration with Chivas, and represent the first time that Diego and Gael, work together in this way, each one directing its own story around the same group of characters.

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Source and images courtesy ©Chivas Regal and Canana

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