Centavrus is peaceful revolution through music and aesthetics. This group presents its first LP, after the good reception had by its two previous EPs: Pacifico and Aniv de la Rev. Leveraging the harmonic richness, the rhythm and the lyric of Latin American sounds, this production, entitled Sombras de Oro, comes with revolutionary force to pay tribute with a playful their Neo-Regional proposal, a meeting point between tradition and modernity. With the art by the urban artist Saner, this album continues the celebration of identity and revaluation of local elements to integrate them in a contemporary context, to merge with electronic beats, placing itself as one of the most interesting proposals of the music scene of our country.

Hear “Sombras de Oro”, the first single from this production:

-CENTAVRVS – Sombras de Oro- from Alejandro Ramos on Vimeo.

The Neo-Regional proposal explained by the members of  Centavrvs:

Source and images: © Centavrvs

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