On Thursday, Spotify celebrated its first year in our country in the remodeled Indie Rocks Forum (Zacatecas # 39) and did so with the presentation of special guests: Real Estate, Little Jesus, Juan Cirerol, O Tortuga and Teen Flirt. O Tortuga were responsible for beginning this anniversary party. Front to reduced and impatient crowd, this band from Pantitlan presented their punk-rock and surf-influenced alternative rock of their latest EP Palma Linda. From Baja California, Juan Cirerol continued the parting, taking the stage with his characteristic irreverent attitude, making sing more than one the themes of his latest production, Cachanilla and Flor de Azar, with his unique fusion of country, regional and rancher. Little Jesus, the project “tropipop” led by Santiago Casillas gave an entertaining presentation and full of good vibes, with subjects drawn from his debut album North, closing with an improvisation of his first single, “Blue”, which made dance to all attendees.

Around 12:00 was the turn of those from New Jersey, Real Estate, who jumped on stage dressed in white to present their third production, Atlas. Beautifully presented with themes by his new production, “The Bend” and “Past Lives”, and some of our favorites from their first album as “Kinder Blumen”, “It’s Real” and “Beach Comber”. With a set that lasted just over an hour, the quintet mesmerized the audience and left us eager to have them back in October for the Corona Capital. Teen Flirt, a worthy representative of the electronic scene in our country, was in charge of close with a flourish celebrating the first year of this digital streaming service in Mexico, which has given us the ability to fill our ears with more 2 thousand 200 million songs in its repertoire.

You can listen to the playlist here:

Source: ©Juan Cirerol, ©O Tortuga, ©Little Jesus, ©Real Estate, ©Teen Flirt. Images: ©Janila Castañeda

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