Since she was a teenager, the German photographer Cathleen Wolf, fell in love with the style of model Kate Moss and designer Jean Paul Gaultier. Thereafter, Wolf became passionate about fashion, modeling and photography. Her life unfolds between beauty and aesthetics. She feels the need for people in her photographs to express them in the most sincere way, to reflect their beauty with confidence. For her, people can be sensual, fragile and hard at the same time. Cathleen’s passion lies in capturing the inner strength and personality of her models, resulting in an image full of details and tranquility. Her photos are against the monotony of reality, they are above all an ode to the beauty and authenticity. She has worked with brands like Ray Ban, Kaviar Gauche, Aveda, Breuninger, Chanel, Diesel, Jimmy Choo,  Issever Bahri or Malaika Raiss. Editorially, she has collaborated with “Annabelle”, “Cosmopolitan”, “Cover Magazine”, “Gala”, “Me Style” and “I like my style”.


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Source and images: ©Take Agency, ©Cathleen Wolf

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