The architectural studio Sanchez-Garrido has unveiled today Cardboard Fun, a project selected by the International Contemporary Art Fair ARCO to design in this edition its Presentations Hall. Innovation art positivity, warmth and sustainability are some design features. The studio has a unique view of the architecture based on artistic intuition and its application in research in the fields of sustainability and new technologies. This gave Cardboard Fun, which honors the cardboard, recyclable hundred percent is the skeleton of the whole, produced by the company Hinojosa. A heart for the respect for the environment, one of the hallmarks of the studio, and given the ephemeral nature of space, Sanchez-Garrido has become the master in its most important ally and soul of the project. According to the architects, the malleability, reuse and resistance are the great virtues that offer this material, in addition to its immediate possibility of transformation for other needs without waste in the process, something the studio looks at all its designs. In line with this vision of sustainability, the fabrics used to dress and give comfort to the Cardboard Fun seats, comprise by reused fabrics of a print workshop, they charge the prominence of a work of art, designed and produced by Chirri Moreno. And the excellent lighting chosen by Massmi, invites visitors of the event to stay in the room and enjoy a comfortable and welcoming environment. “Because of the investigation of their properties and using high technology in the manufacturing process, we have built a complex shape from unique elements”, said Sanchez-Garrido Architects. “The sinuous shape of the work reflects the desire to give the whole movement and create a welcoming atmosphere where energies flow freely”.

Source and images: ©Sánchez-Garrido arquitectos

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