Orange, del gigante Telecom creó una casa de campaña que nos permitirá un viaje de camping divertido y muy cómodo. Se trata de una casa de campaña recargable con luz solar con celdas fotovoltáicas flexibles y rígidas, que a parte nos permitirá cargar con menos cosas.
La energía que se gana durante el día con el Sol, sirve para iluminación tenue interna de la casa, calefacción, comunicaciones y recarga de dispositivos electrónicos.

We know that camping adventure is an intimate encounter with nature and the more savage, more adventurous and fun. However, today many are accustomed to our electronic devices, whether for music – essentially –, to talk on the phone, a little warm when it’s cold or something more banal like tweet everything we see and pass us. Orange, Telecom giant created a tent that will allow a fun and comfortable camping trip. This is a tent sunlight  rechargeable with rigid and flexible photovoltaic cells, in part will allow us to carry less stuff. The energy that is gained during the day with the sun, internal soft lighting serves to house, heating, communications and recharge electronic devices. It can be found in the dark by sending an SMS or an RFID tag or RFID tag.

Source and images: © Orange

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