Bruce Munro is an artist who works in the light fixture. Born in Salcombe in Devon, UK, in 1959, he studied at the School of Fine Arts at Bristol Polytechnic. His sculptures have bright lighting hotels, restaurants, museums, private residences and commercial spaces. Munro uses his fascination with light as an artistic medium and transformed into beautiful decorations that have lighting, for example, Cheekwood Gardens, creating a lovely ride full of dreams. He has decorated, too, Longwood Gardens, PA Pennsylvania, one of the most famous botanical gardens in the United States. Munro uses fiber optic and metal halide projectors; combines nature and technology as LEDs or CDs. His works are performed in conjunction with architects, interior designers, developers and landscapers. Bruce Munroe stated in the Holburne Museum in Bath, in the Museum Solomon R. Guggenheim New York. In 2010, Conran Octopus published part of his work as an example of lighting design in its book Design Museum.

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