A future promise in the art market is Brazil. In 2012 its sales amounted to 455 million euros. This is due to the quality of art that the American continent has generated in recent years, particularly for Brazil because of its high artistic growth and the level of development that awaken the contemporary Brazilian artists such as Beatriz Milhazes, Vik Muniz and Adriana Varejao. Besides these factors, in Brazil there is increased activity around art, are promoted to new galleries, new museums, and street art and graffiti are at their highest boiling point. There is a process of rediscovery, study of Brazilian and Latin American art, but there is also a process of evaluating this in the art market. The dynamism of Brazil is “totally opposed” to the case of other emerging country like China, where the industry collapsed 24% annually due to the fall of the auctions, which account for two thirds of total sales.

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