When we talk about soccer and literature in Mexico, Juan Villoro is an indispensable reference. Called by the Catalan writer Sergi Paimes ” a skilful of soccer literature of the world,” and this book, which has become classic, God is Round (Dios es redondo -Spanish edition), tells through fun and epic chronicles the World Cups of Italy 90 and France 98, for which he was as special envoy. The book also recounts the setbacks and successes of the Spanish league and is also a tribute to the star Diego Armando Maradona. Thus, the essayist, chronicler and fan come together to create this book which is already a must-see of prose where soccer is worthy of the same analysis and the great affection of world literature. Villoro summarizes, clarifies and remember the meaning of soccer.

Source and images: ©Anagrama, Alejandro Molina

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