The BLOC’D SOFA is a modular solution to sit or stand in any place or situation. It was made by Scott Jones, an industrial designer based in Washington DC specializing in furniture design and comfortable and soft objects. Jones combines research with a playful curiosity to get furniture with a flawless design and extremely playful. BLOC’D SOFA is made of steel, maple wood and soft foam. It is a functional piece, ie, its purpose is not truncated or committed to a single form, it is furniture that fits our needs.

Because of its modular design, this sofa allows us to play with the possibilities, since each module can move and assemble a new piece every time. The interaction with the BLOC’D SOFA is wonderful, as it leaves aside the fun and creative part, which makes the longevity because it does not become a boring piece. The BLOC’D SOFA is intuitive and elegant, full of surprises and offers both comfort and flexibility.

 Source and images: ©BLOC’D SOFA

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