Yo have not to be a cinephile to know the most relevant details about starring personalities of Academy Awards, however we all know that we  like to hear about strange data… As the award ceremony of the most important awards of cinema is close, we share with you some details:

  • We all know that in his ten nominations Woody Allen, has never gone to the ceremony.
  • The composer Alfred Newman, author of the characteristic theme of the 20th Century Fox, has been nominated 45 time, and has won 9.
  • Who will reject an Oscar? Only two actors: George C. Scott in 1970, and Marlon Brando in 1972.
  • In 2001 the Academy announced that will give a TV for the shortest speech (due their common extension).
  • In 1973 Robert Opal interrupted the ceremony, by crossing naked the stage.
  • Draws? In 1968 Barbra Streisand and Katherine Hepburn shared the award.
  • Previously the winners were not secret, but in 1940 this was discovered.
  • The first ceremony was not covered by media. It happened until second ocassion, but only by one radio station.
  • The most awarded actress in the Oscar went only one time, in 1974 to give the honorific award to Lawrence Wingarten.
  • The Icelandic singer Björk went to the ceremony with a strange swan dress, and in red carpet she laid an egg.
  • In 2003 was suspended the red carpet due the war.

Do you know any strange data? Share with our community!

Source: The Oscars 2013 Academy Awards

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