Always in constant process of creative renewal, Björk’s work is characterized by the search for new ways to experience music. As an example is the release of Biophilia in 2011. Eighth studio production met the Icelandic icon working musicians, entertainers and scientists to provide an interactive experience that accompany the disc. Scott Snibbe was in charge of this project, which consisted of an app that contains a set of interactivity for every song on the album, creating a set of ten different applications that assume the scientific term biophilia, seeking to represent the link between the humans and other living systems. This piece was included in the collection of MoMA, becoming the first downloadable application in this collection. Check the documentary did to Snibble by The Creators Project, plus a couple of videos showing the operation and graphic work of the app.

Building An iPad App For Bjork | Scott Snibbe from The Creators Project on Vimeo.

Source and images: ©Björk via The Creators Project

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