The Salon Bioatlantic 2013, the place of organic products , green building , renewable energy and responsible consumption, celebrates its second edition throughout October, with the headquarters in the Auditorio Palacio de Congresos Mar de Vigo in 4000 meter of surface. This year, Bioatlantic 2013 will have important news, such as the increasing of its exhibition space, the number of participating firms, the expansion of its content and segmentation of this event. Bioatlantic 2013 will keep the three thematic blocks present in the first edition : Bio-feeding, Green Building and Renewable Energy. But also expand its contents to integrate new sectors such as recycling, clothing and footwear, furniture, cosmetics and natural hygiene, complementary therapies and health, herbo-dietary and ecotourism. It is the ideal business platform for northwestern peninsular producers. In addition to pursuing the promotion of knowledge, the dissemination of information on environmentally friendly products and the opening of a commercial space sector companies. And all from Vigo, Galicia, city which has joined the group of cities that are committed to the establishment of a harmonious relationship with the environment.

In this link you can find out who the exhibitors. For full information concerning Bioatlantic click the official site HERE.

Source and images: ©Portal ferias, ©Salón BioAtlantic

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