Big Appetites is a series by the American Christopher Boffoli, which shows on the adventures of small human figures in a world built with food. Fascinated by the world of miniatures, Boffoli not have the intention to show the eating habits of our time, but to entertain people through these photographs full of charm. However, his work sparked a debate on topics related to food choice, leading to such problems as health and the environment by the way the food is processed. This series began in 2002 after seeing an exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery in London in which were shown small figures great artistic dioramas. He chose food as the center of his work because it offered a universe of colors and unique textures, especially if shooting with natural light. They find chefs working with giant cookies, cyclists moving between the rows of bananas that look like mountains, athletes who take advantage spilled some milk to go rowing or doing police photograph of the card about criminal suspects with the code immense bar cookies package bottom.

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