The hotel chain & Beyond, specializes in providing customers an experience that exceeds the expectations of an ordinary safari and provides visitors the luxury and comfort of a five star accommodation with an unforgettable landscape in the most beautiful places in Africa. With over two decades of experience, 33 safari hotels and several international awards for sustainable tourism, & Beyond arose and grew up in Botswana. Other destinies are Kenya, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Zambia due to demand and the increasingly widespread practice of ecotourism and concern for preserving wildlife.

The purpose of these accommodations, is to provide luxury without harming the environment or wildlife, to make human being a witness to the beauty of the planet and , above all, take both economic and environmental ethics, and provide the local population with a development opportunity . & Beyond covers both, the adventurous as the natural environment and the host community and makes the trip to sub-Saharan Africa in an experience that will go beyond the photo album.

Source and images: & Beyond

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