Art, love and passion, always go together, that’s why we’ve gathered a list of the best kisses in art. What is your favorite?

  • Tammam Azzam digitally reproduced the work of Gustav Klimt The Kiss, one of the most famous kisses in art. Reproduction of this kiss was reflected in the facade of a building bombed in Damascus, a form of social criticism.
  • The Belgian surrealist painter René Magritte painted Lovers in 1928, a couple kissing everyone with a blanket over his face , hiding their identities … not all the lovers love and not all kisses symbolize love.
  • The sculpture Love and Psyche or The Kiss by Antonio Canova is also known as “Psyche revived by the kiss of love. It was completed in 1793, it is currently in the Louvre Museum in Paris.
  • Pablo Picasso painted in 1969 a cubist kiss at the time he met his last wife, Jacqueline Roque and when he lived with Mouguin.
  • Kiss V by German pop artist Roy Lichtenstein was painted in acrylic on canvas in 1964. The work shows great emotion typical of pop vocabulary, although the couple kissing at the time.
  • Marc Chagall painted The Birthday in 1915, where a couple kissing in a subtly ethereal and volatile atmosphere, irradiating the space they occupy.
  • Kissing the War Goodbye from photographer Victor Jorgensen, is an image taken during a parade in the U.S. in 1935 from a nurse and a sailor kissing, which apparently also Eisenstaedt took from another angle.
  • Another painting called The Kiss belongs to the Italian painter Francesco Hayez, one of the leading exponents of Romanticism. This was painted in 1859, and shows a couple, linked by a delicate but passionate embrace.
  • The Kiss by Constantine Brancusi provides a symbolic interpretation of a man and a woman fused into one piece. This sculpture is probably one of the most geometric of Brancusi.
  • Man Ray also created a work of a kiss in 1922, or rather a rayograph in the shadow couple kissing while their hands are superimposed on their faces. All this in a reflection on photo paper, because as the artist said: “I do not photograph nature I photograph my visions”.

Images: ©Tammam Azzam, ©René Magritte, ©Antonio Canova, ©Pablo Picasso, ©Roy Lichtenstein, ©Marc Chagall, ©Victor Jorgensen, ©Franceso Hayez, ©Constantine Brancusi, ©Man Ray.

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