Aparte de esto, el dueto ha lanzado su nuevo video correspondiente a la canción “Wishes”, el director es el cómico Eric Wareheim, quien realizó un curioso juego de voces con la presencia del actor Ray Wise. 
Información: Beach House

Beach House, the dream pop duo from Baltimore comprising Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally have released the dates they plan their musical tour. Mexico is on the list of concerts for September 6, although no details as forums in which they will perform or ticket prices were revealed. Hopefully soon clarify the data in their official site. This is not the first visit to our country for Beach House, who had already been presented in the Lunario of Mexico City on May 13, 2012. Apart from this, the duo have released a new video for the song “Wishes”, the director is the comedian Eric Wareheim, who made a curious set of voices in the presence of actor Ray Wise. This is the result:

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